Snow In The Back Garden


Credits: Layered template (Jumbo Photo, Volume 5 Template 2) and Ice Princess both by Jen C Designs. Font is Telegraphem.


The Snow Factory


Credits: Layered template (Memory Makers Volume 12, Template 4) and Ice Princess by Jen C Designs. Font is The Wolff Medium by Heather Joyce.
Journalling reads: Sometimes the best family activities are the spur of the moment ones. We had seen all of the posters around that were advertising the Snow Factory, but none of us were really sure exactly what it would involve. Since we were in the city centre shopping anyway, around one of the evening performances, we thought we may as well check it out. We got there early and found a seat on the bench, there was Christmas music playing and we were able to enjoy hot sausage rolls and take some family photos by the Christmas tree. It ended up being a short animated film projected on to the walls of the Oxford Castle. Ending with a real snowstorm. It’s strange but this ended up being one of our favourite December activities as a family.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman


Credits: Layered template (Memory Makers, Volume 13, Template 3) and Ice Princess both by Jen C Designs. Font is Champagne & Limousines Bold.
Journalling reads: Logan was nearly 3.5 when he first got to see snow. It was kind of awesome because he was just old enough to enjoy it without worrying about the cold. All he really wanted to do was build a snowman. Luckily there was plenty of snow in thegarden to make a little snowman. They started off by making 2 large snowballs, with the help of Daddy and a plastic tray. Then for some reason they decided it needed a golf club as arms and a great big black bucket as a hat, and they refused to give it a face. They all had a lovely time and were very sad to see he had melted away the next day, oh well the snow was lots of fun while it lasted.

Trimming The Tree


Credits: Layered template (Tempting Templates, December 2014) by Lindsay Jane Designs, Layered Titles Christmas Set 1 by Cindy Schneider and Mischief Maker by Jen C Designs (slightly recoloured). Font is Century Gothic Regular.
Journalling reads: I still love this photo of our first Christmas tree, since we had never had our own place before, we had to start from scratch. Luckily there was a tree in the loft from previous tenants and the kids had some ornaments we had bought them that used to be displayed on Nan’s tree. We filled tin the big gaps with some random Christmas toys of the kids. Even though most people don’t have beanie babies, snowmen and tiny bears on the tree, it was very special to all of us.

Purple Flowers & Lights


Credits: Layered template (November 2014, Template 2) by Jennifer Wilson (Simple Scrapper) and My Story November 14 by Jen C Designs. Fonts are The Wolff Medium by Heather Joyce and Carlotta Regular.
Journalling reads: When it was time to say our final goodbye, I couldn’t bring myself to just buy you a simple wreath like everyone else’s. Partly because I could almost hear your voice in my mind nagging me about “ not wasting my money on flowers that die”, but mostly it was because my last gift to you needed to at least try and be as special and unique as you were to me. All it took was a few hours of searching on the internet for a purple artificial wreath, and a little dose of crazy to make something perfect. I didn’t care what other people would think, I just wanted you to have something you would love. Even now it makes me smile to imagine, you looking down from heaven and laughing your ass off at the fact that I decked out one of your wreaths with 2 different sets of purple fairy lights. There is nothing that says I love you Nan better than purple and lights. 

Love Never Dies


Credits: Layered template (Hang In There, Template 4) by Meagan’s Creations, My Story November by Jen C Designs, Bevelled Kraft Style by Mommyish Designs. Fonts are The Typewriter Medium by Heather Joyce, CK Heritage Regular by Creating Keepsakes and Algerian Regular.
Photos edited with action by Coffeeshop Photography + some additional changes in Photoshop.
Journalling reads: You’re not dead. As a matter of fact, nobody ever really dies. You want to know why? Because you are going to live inside of everybody who ever got to know you, and those memories are shared with everyone who was never given the chance. All the people who love you, they are never going to stop thinking about you, or talking about you. They’re never going to forget you, because that never goes away. You are never going to die because you are loved so much. You are going to live forever baby.

Santa Baby


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Credits: Layered template (Unplugged, Template 2) by Little Bit Shoppe Designs and Christmas Memories by Jen C Designs.

Christmas 2011


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Reindeer Boots


Credits: Layered template (Lil Bits, Template 1) and Christmas Memories both by Jen C Designs and Layered Cards Christmas 1 by Cindy Schneider. Font is AFL nonmetric BT Medium.