Getting Comfy

Getting Comfy, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

Via Flickr:
Credits: Layered template (June 2012 Single 2) by Jennifer Wilson (Simple Scrapper), CU Stitching Action by Mommyish Designs and CU Ribbons (retired) and Today both by Jen C Designs. Font is DJB Tried My Best by Darcy Baldwin.
Journalling reads: It always makes me laugh to see the strange positions that you choose to sleep in. In the last week I have found you sleeping on the kitchen floor, sitting in the toy box, standing up leaning on the toy box and on the living room floor. But your favourite place to take a nap is in your double pushchair. You can climb in all by yourself easily by standing on the footplate, placing your knee on the seat and then swinging yourself over the bar. But for some reason you never want to sleep in your seat in the pushchair. You prefer to stretch out across both seats often with at least an arm or a leg or sometimes both draped across the bar. It’s looks so cute. There is no point moving you, it only makes you mad and you are back like this within a few seconds anyway. Although it does make it difficult to get you ready to go and collect the boys from school. It’s kind of funny that even when I strap you in when we go out anywhere, if you fall asleep you always have your feet resting on the bar. I guess it’s just one of the many little quirks that make sure being around you is never boring. April 25th 2013.


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