Candy Cane 3

Candy Cane 3, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

Credits: Layered template (P365 January, Template 2) by Little Bit Shoppe Designs, CU Stitching Action by Mommyish Designs, Naughty Or Nice Elves by Chelle’s Creations, Sparkilicious Stitches by Ziggle Designs and Peace Love and Joy Collection by Jen C Designs. Fonts are DJB Andrea D by Darcy Baldwin and Same Sex Marriage Script by Luke Owens.
Journalling reads: 17th December – Found Candy Cane sitting on top of the curtain pole, it took a while for the boys to spot him. That elf is getting very sneaky. 18th December – That cheeky Candy Cane managed to get both of his feet stuck in the pocket’s of the Santa advent calendar, when he was trying to steal the boys chocolate, sometimes he is such a naughty little elf. 19th December – Today was Lukas’s Christmas carol concert. We had found Candy Cane sitting on top of the coat rack. The boys decided this was his way of telling us that he wanted to take another ride in the push chair and see Lukas’s performance since he had already been to see Logan’s. 20th December – Candy Cane was tired out after all of his adventures yesterday. Today was Logan’s last day and both of the boys had their school Christmas parties. When they came in from school, they found him eating a banana, to recover his strength. What was funny though was that later the banana was all gone and Candy Cane had fallen over. Guess he must have ate too much or maybe poisoned himself when he ate the banana and the skin. 21st December – Today was Lukas’s last day of school and since there was an early finish, Candy Cane didn’t find any time to get up to mischief today. 22nd December – Candy Cane was sitting on my desk again, it looked like he was having a very interesting chat with the paper snowman ornament over the kids snow globe. 23rd December – This morning the kids came down to see that Candy Cane was sitting on the shelving unit waiting for them. He had bought each of them a special Christmas Kinder Egg. Unfortunately Mummy forgot to take a photograph of it. Lukas was upset because Leia and Logan had little penguin Christmas ornaments for the tree inside theirs. It was nice to see that Logan decided to let him have his, what he didn’t let on to Lukas was that it was because he had already had one from the egg he got when we went shopping in Tesco.


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