Candy Cane 2

Candy Cane 2, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

Credits: Layered template (P365 January, Template 2) by Little Bit Shoppe Designs, CU Stitching Action by Mommyish Designs, Naughty Or Nice Elves by Chelle’s Creations, Sparkilicious Stitches by Ziggle Designs and Peace Love and Joy Collection by Jen C Designs. Fonts are DJB Andrea D by Darcy Baldwin and Same Sex Marriage Script by Luke Owens.
Journalling reads: The boys were so surprised to receive another message from the elf this morning. He said that it turned out his leg was only badly sprained and Santa had managed to fix his leg enough so he could come and visit with us. They found him sitting in the Christmas Tree. 9th December – This morning we found Candy Cane in the cereal cupboard, peeking out of one of the cereal boxes. The boys thought that it was really funny and said he must have been feeling really hungry. 10th December – We came down this morning to find that Candy Cane had helped Daddy to finish hanging up all of the ceiling decorations in the living room and then he had fallen asleep sat inside one of them. 11th December – Today was Logan’s nativity play at school. We found Candy Cane sitting in the fridge. Since Logan was worried about standing in front of everyone, we decided that it might be nice if Candy Cane came too. He got to ride in the back of the push chair and stay for the whole of the performance. He thought Logan made a really adorable little cow in his play. 12th December – Candy Cane was tired out after his trip yesterday so he spent today relaxing. 13th December – Candy Cane was sitting on Mummy’s printer, we’re not really sure why but he seems to really like to sit up on top of Mummy’s desk. 14th December – We found Candy Cane sitting in the other fridge today. Not sure if he hungry or just missing the cold of the North Pole. 15th December – We found Candy Cane driving the kids toy fire engine on my office chair. I said it was probably because they had made the floor too messy for him to drive on, but they think it’s because he was flying it around the room with his magic. 16th December – Guess Candy Cane was feeling a little crafty last night, as when we came down this morning he was on mummy’s desk next to a cross stitch of a candy cane and the word hi. He is such a clever little elf, the boys are very impressed by his sewing skills.


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