Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

Credits: Layered template (Single Photo Volume 1, Template 2) by Ramona Brown (Memory Clips by Ramona) and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Addon (slightly recoloured) by Jen C Designs and CU See Right Through Acrylic Styles by Tiffany Berman (Inspired By Dominic Designs). Font is DJB Lena.
Journalling reads: When it comes to our kids, I am the one who is usually responsible for choosing and buying any clothing. I don’t really value other people’s opinions on clothes. I always pick whatever catches my eye, Mark doesn’t have much interest so he leaves me to it. But somehow we seem to have developed a tradition with all of our kids. There is always something that I see, love and decide I have to buy, that someone else (usually Nan) really hates. With Lukas and Logan it was animal print babygros (zebra print for Lukas & giraffe for Logan), with Leo it was a pair of blue jeans (she said he was too small for denim) and Leia’s was this cute purple velvet all in one outfit (she said it was too dark for a baby). Ironically she changed her mind once she saw Leia wearing it. January 2012.


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