Special Care

Special Care, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

Credits: Layered template (Lucky One Volume 1, Template A) by Kayla Chamberlain (keepscrappin designs) and Day By Day Elements, Day By Day Solids, Day By Day Polka Dot Papers, Day By Day Patterned Papers, Day By Day Wordy Bits, Day By Day Dating Elements and Day By Day Bead Alphas all by Jen C Designs. Font is Another Typewriter.
Journalling reads: You have always made things interesting and unexpected Logan. Throughout my pregnancy we all thought you would be very premature and very small. Our first surprise came when you were born in the back of the ambulance 5 minutes away from home at 37 weeks and apart from being tiny you were fine. You were allowed to come up on to the ward with me. We dared to hope that this time things might be different but they weren’t. You ended up in Special Care just like your brothers, but it wasn’t really the same. You weren’t really sick you just had a bit of jaundice and a few issues with feeding, but you didn’t have any trouble breathing or staying warm. We have plenty of experience with Special Care, so we know the one question you never ask is “when can we take him home?” you just cope with all of the day to day problems, visit whenever possible and sit back and wait!

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