Love My Boys

Love My Boys, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

Credits: Layered template (Page Turn, Template 1) by Gabriella Hägglund (Ella Designs) and Dark & Chic by Jolly Kids Creations by Marie. Font is Caitlin.
Journalling reads: If anyone had told me, how much fun it would be, to have two little monkeys who just belong to me, I would have laughed and told them that it was not for me, because I never had any plans to be anyone’s mummy. I never planned for the craziness, for noise and toys galore, yet when that’s what I do have I can’t help wish for more, even when one’s missing and causing my heart pain, the other two complete me in ways I can’t explain, I love them with a passion with all my soul and heart I love to be around them and hate when we’re apart, I love every single inch of them from head down to their toes, even when that means a poopy bum and a runny nose, I love them when loving, i love them day and night, i love them when there poorly and even when they fight, I love to watch them playing and watching kids tv, I love it when they climb up and just cuddle close with me, I love to hear one chatting, telling me about his day, I love to watch the other one learn new words to say, I love to watch them sleeping and hear it when there snoring, one thing is for sure my life is never boring, each and every day they make my life such fun and I just feel so lucky that I get to be there mum, I wouldn’t change a single thing, except reduce the noise because one thing I know for certain I really truly love my boys.


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