The Sleepy Shepherd

The Sleepy Shepherd, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

Credits: Layered template (Templaoodle, Template 2) by Gabriella Hägglund (Ella Designs) and Merry and Bright Mega kit contributions by Kerry Ticknor (Kerry’s Scraps), Jolly Kids Creations by Marie, Bonnie Blou Designs, Janet Bracewell (JanetB Designs), Joelle Lester (Daphadilly Art), Jewel Goodwin (Mad Genius Designs) and Jaime Rhinehart (Cjoy2Day Designs). Font is Architects Daughter by Kimberly Geswein.
Journalling reads: Every year the school has done an alternative to the traditional Nativity. In reception they chose to do a play called the Sleepy Shepherd by Niki Davies, described as the story of “a lovable shepherd who just can’t keep awake. Will he miss out on the big adventure?”. Lukas had a part as one of the shepherds, we were asked to provide a costume of a dressing gown and a tea towel He was so excited about being in the play and looking forward to singing. When we turned up to se his performance, I was already fed up because we were late and got stuck in seats right at the back, I had been hoping to get some really cute photos of Lukas’s first school play. I got even more fed up when I saw Lukas wasn’t wearing his dressing gown and he had on a bright yellow tea towel that wasn’t his. My annoyance soon turned to embarrassment, when over the sound of 30 kids singing everyone in the room was able to hear the teacher ask Lukas if he was going to sing and he answered with a very resounding NO! It only got worse when he glanced over at me and saw I was trying not to laugh and he got a fit of the giggles. Before deciding that he had heard enough singing and put his hands over his ears. It was definitely a memorable first school play for us.


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