Another Day Another Layout

So today is the first day of my blogging everyday thing, it’s also the end of term and the beginning of the Easter holidays for Lukas. To celebrate they had an “Eco Day” at school, all the kids got to wear an item of green clothing instead of their usual school uniform. Apparently the school are trying to become an Eco school and they have been working on making the school more energy efficient and more green. The school said that they would appreciate a small donation from each of the children, to go towards a new water butt. Lukas was really excited as he has quite a few green T-shirts. Only problem is we forget to take pictures of him before he went to school this morning. We were all told that school had an early finish of 2pm today. I was running a little bit behind today and ended up rushing like a maniac to get there on time, only to find that for some reason the school decided to change everything at the last minute and finish at the normal time of 3:15pm. They justified it by saying that a letter had been sent home informing the parents yesterday. There was no way I could drag up the energy to walk home, then walk there and back again an hour later. So I rang reception and I told them Lukas had an appointment and asked if I could pick him up. They argued and told me it would affect his attendance, and that they needed a doctors note for me to take him out of school. I argued that if they hadn’t changed the time, I wouldn’t be taking him out of school. Anyway long story short they went and got him for me, he took a while because they were making him a chocolate corn flake cake complete with a fluffy yellow chick. I haven’t really gotten as much done I would have liked today, but I do have one layout to share. It was created for the Radioactive Font Challenge at Digi Scraps Drive In using a template from the new Digi Files (16) Mark bought me.

Credits: Layered template (Set 46, Template 1) by Cindy Schneider and Bedtime Stories by Jane Shaver (Little Red Scraps) and Altered Sea. Fonts are CK Tween, CK Typeset and Cool Dots.

Journalling reads: Lukas I love this photo of you sleeping in your Fimbles Ready Bed. You had this one while we were living at Daddy’s house. You really loved that bed for lots of reasons, it was so close to the floor you couldn’t fall out and hurt yourself and it was cozy and comfortable. The best thing was since the sleeping bag part was attached to the bed it was virtually impossible for you to kick off the covers and get cold at night. You were really sad when you finally outgrew it and didn’t get to sleep in it anymore.

Enabling: Cindy’s Templates Set 46 is currently available as part of The Digi Files 16 which is currently for sale here and Bedtime Stories by Jane Shaver (Little Red Scraps) and Altered Sea available here. Fonts are available here, here and here.


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