Blowing off the dust

So I suck at updating my blog, you know that it’s nothing new. But I still feel guilty about it. It mainly started because I wasn’t scrapping much. I didn’t have anything to share and honestly how many “I’m sick” posts could anyone really be willing to read. My life isn’t really that interesting I don’t have things to talk about. I admit that something else happened that made me reluctant to post here, I don’t really want to talk about it except to say I felt like I couldn’t even express my own opinions on my blog. Do I feel differently now, no not really the fear is still there but I am choosing to ignore it. Why, well because I want to. I need this blog to record the thoughts and emotions that crash around inside my head. It keeps me sane and much more importantly than that, it is what allows me to journal on my pages. Without my blog I am forced to try and remember the things we did when I am journalling, and for me that’s practically impossible. I found out that I can blog from my mobile phone, well that’s not an ideal way to blog for me, it does take away any kind of excuse about not being able to blog. When we go on daytrips I can blog or even tweet while I am standing around waiting for Mark to get back from his thrill rides or waiting for Lukas to get off of whatever it is that he is riding on over and over again. So here is the hard part I am going to commit to blogging everyday for a month. Every single day in April I am going to blog something, anything, whether it’s a real post, a layout share or just some random picture of the boys, it doesn’t matter the point is that there is something blogged every day. Before you ask me why wait until the first of April to start this, it’s simply because I have a few things I need to get done first, like a blog redesign. The flowers are annoying me and so is the pink. I already know that one post a week will be taken care of with my P365 layouts. Now it’s just 6 others I have to fill lol. Maybe I can set some sort of reminder like an alarm on my phone or a popup to make me remember.


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