This is becoming a bit of a routine

Lukas is amusing himself with some colouring sheets, Logan is sleeping beside me in his bed, Mark is at work and Nan is out, so I am sitting here getting some stuff sorted out on my computer now that I can actually see the entire top of my desk again lol. Since I have just made something to eat I am going to sit here and blog while I eat it, multitasking is fun lol. I now have 2 different to-do lists one is things that I need to do while Logan is asleep and the other is things I can do while I am holding him I find it amusing that a lot of the things are interchangeable between the lists depending on the day and how I am feeling. I suppose I really should write about Lukas’s birthday while I am here since if I leave it much longer I won’t remember any of it. On the Saturday before his birthday Mark went and picked up his birthday presents, we decided to get him some games for his DS and since they were on offer in Argos he ended up with 6 from us and 2 from Nan. She bought Wall-E and Ben 10 Alien Force and we picked up Bob The Builder Festival Fun, Postman Pat Special Delivery Service, Bolt and Herbie Rescue Rally, then he got Go Diego Go Dinosaur Rescue from Lisa. I’m a naughty mummy because when he saw them and asked if he could have one, I said yes, then we spent the whole day with him trading me one for another one. He ended up opening all of them and having a play during the day, I explained that if he had them now he wouldn’t have anything for his birthday and he was good with that, what can I say he is definitely my boy, patience is not a virtue we are blessed with both of us prefer instant gratification which I suppose is one of my biggest reasons for loving digi scrapping so much lol. We did tell him that was all we were getting him but then the day before his birthday we decided that we were going to replace his portable dvd player which hasn’t been working for a while with a new one. We reserved it and didn’t were able to reserve one to collect on his birthday, he knew nothing about it so it was going to be a complete surprise. On his birthday we got up and had some cuddles in my bed before he went and opened his cards and presents. Nan had wrapped up his games and he had a little bag from Lisa with his game and a few other bits in. He really enjoyed looking at all of his birthday cards especially the one Nan wrote out from his toy dogs lol. I think his favourite card was one Nan got him but that might have had something to do with the 7 pounds coins she had stuck inside it lol. Then he had his usual strawberry milkshake and sat and played with his new games while I had a bath and got ready for my hospital appointment. I decided that we needed to pay a quick visit to Cowley Centre first so I could buy him a birthday badge to wear. He got 2 badge in the end I think because we couldn’t decide on one. We did end up picking up a few other things while we were there including some more styluses for his DS, a new case for his DS and a little storage container for his DS games from the Game shop. He got a mug with Best 7 Year Old In The World on it and a little trophy and a new teddy bear. He also made me buy a new teddy bear for Logan and to be honest I can’t even remember what else we bought lol. Then he decided that he wanted an iced bun, why I have no idea since he doesn’t even like icing but since it was his birthday we walked all the way down to the bakery to buy him one. We also bought him one of his favourite sausage rolls and some stuff for me and Mark to eat. While we were in there I spotted an iced bun with cream in the centre that strangely looked very appealing to me, it’s strange because I can’t stand icing at all. I guess it’s another example of pregnancy making me weird because I sent Mark back for another one and Lukas decided that while he was going he had a request as well. He wanted a pack of rolls, I told him they would be dry and they wouldn’t have fillings and he said “good, I want them naked”. I couldn’t help but laugh at him but he seemed to enjoy sitting on the bench eating his naked rolls lol. We were running a little late by then and had to rush to catch the bus. We ended up getting stuck in the road works in the city centre but we were still only 5 minutes late for my appointment. When we got there we handed in my notes and settled down for a long wait. Lukas was happy to play his DS and play with his new teddy. They called me for the usual urine sample, blood pressure check etc. They needed to send the sample off again not really surprising since I hadn’t started taking the antibiotics for the infection we already knew I had. Then we went in for the scan my consultant wasn’t in that day so one of the other doctors did it. She was concerned that the baby still wasn’t growing and that there were reduced levels of amniotic fluid. Since the baby hadn’t been moving as much she wanted me to go and have a CTG test while she went to see about moving up the induction. It took a while for them to get the CTG started as Logan didn’t feel like cooperating and they struggled to find his heartbeat. While I laid on the bed having that done Lukas had a great time drawing and colouring he was being such a little angel. I couldn’t help but feel sad this was how he was spending his birthday but he honestly didn’t seem to care. In the middle of the CTG the doctor came and told us that she had arranged for the induction to be moved up a week to Thursday. When the CTG was finally done, we just had to wait for them to take some bloods and give us all of the induction information. We were starting to get a little worried we wouldn’t make it to the store to pick up his dvd player before they closed, it also meant we were not going to be able to pick up his birthday cake. So we decided that we would go all the way down to Botley road and get one there so we could pay a quick visit to Toys R Us at the same time and then go to McDonalds for a Happy Meal. Lukas had no clue where we were going so he was all excited. When we went in Argos I kept Lukas busy while Mark went and paid for the dvd player. Lukas wanted to see what was in the bag but we made him wait until we got to McDonalds. We sat at the table and sorted out all of the bags of shopping so they were easier to carry while Mark ordered the food. I had to send mine back because they added tomatoes to it but they were really nice about redoing it. Lukas really enjoyed it and said it had been a great birthday then we shared an ice cream before heading home. You already know about what happened on the bus on the way home so I think as far as Lukas’s birthday goes that’s everything. Once we got home he got undressed and watched a dvd on his new dvd player and then went to sleep. He says it was a great birthday and when I asked him why he thinks that he said “because you and daddy were there to celebrate with me” how sweet is that. Anyway this post has taken a lot longer to write than I expected it too because I have had to stop so many times. First I had to make Lukas dinner then Logan wanted feeding, then Logan wanted changing, then we went to the shop to get electric for Nan we followed that up with a trip to the park and since then I have pretty much just been trying to get stuff done in between Logan screaming to be held, Logan screaming to be fed, Logan screaming because I am changing him or Logan screaming for some other reason. Lukas is very chatty today as well, so Mark has just got in I am tired out, have a headache and I am bleeding pretty heavy again so I am off to bed. Tomorrow we are off to Bicester village on the train to look for school shoes for Lukas, to be perfectly honest its a practice run for Monday when we are off to Chessington. This is the first time we have really gone anywhere with Logan that requires some planning, like how much milk to pack and how easy it is on public transport with the carseat. Wish me luck I am sure we are going to need it!


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