Sorry I never managed to get back here yesterday

The heat made every little thing take so much longer than it should have done, that by the time Mark got home last night I was ready to just crash and go to sleep even though I had so much I was supposed to have got done. Poor Lukas had really trouble getting off to sleep last night because it was just so unbearably hot. It’s still hot today but there is a little bit of wind today which helps a lot and makes things slightly easier to deal with. I promised to come back and tell you about my hospital appointment yesterday. Mark never got around to sorting the problem of him working yesterday, but luckily the appointment was an early morning one for a change. I had thought it was an afternoon one but turns out that is the next one which was a bit of a relief. Nan arranged for Lisa to drop us up there, the only problem with this was that we had to meet her at school so I had to get up and get ready to go to school with Lukas (something you know I never do) and then we had to sit around at the hospital for a bit, but it’s definitely a better choice than buses that time of the morning or paying for a taxi and getting stuck in the traffic. Every time we have tried to get a taxi that early I have just ended up going into the hospital mad because they have gone such a long way round or we have gotten stuck in traffic and ended up paying at least double what it should have cost. When we went upstairs to level 6 we were surprised to see there was hardly anyone waiting. They use the one waiting area for the various different clinics and appointments in that area so it’s usually always quite busy. We handed in my notes and sat down to wait, expecting to be waiting a fairly long time because of how early we were. They came over and asked for a urine sample as usual and for the first time I can ever remember I couldn’t do one. Annoying baby because I really felt like I was desperate to go and couldn’t do any at all. They were nice enough to give me another bottle and asked me to just do one when I was able. Then she did blood pressure and weight and handed me my notes back and a few other things and told me to go for my Doppler scan. This is where it gets slightly embarrassing, she asked if I have had one of these before and I replied that I had, only I forgot that the other appointment was on a Friday morning because we had to change it when Lukas had chicken pox. She told me to go down the corridor to the room on the right. Well there are slightly more rooms than I thought so we got a bit lost lol. We ended up having to ask for directions from someone else and it took us a while to find where we needed to be. They were really nice about it and after a short wait we were able to have the scan done. It was a bit strange having a scan done with the room to the door wide open but it was just too hot for it to be closed. It’s not like I mind the door being open or anything, it’s just they are usually really funny about privacy and insist on closing and locking the door. After that we sat around in the waiting room for a bit longer, before another midwife called us. She wanted to listen to the babies heartbeat and take some measurements, usually they don’t bother to do that I suppose because they have gotten everything they need from the ultrasounds. Apparently he is head down which is very unusual for us, we have never had one do that before and he’s positioned very low down. She took us back to the reception area while she went to have a chat with the consultant about when I needed to come back again. She came back and said that I have to be seen again next week in the Doppler clinic. By the time she was done I still hadn’t managed to do a urine sample, Mark asked if we could take the bottle home with us and he would drop it in at work they thought that was a great idea and I was very relieved that I didn’t have to sit around up there any longer. All that was left to do was go and have the usual blood tests done. The woman who took my blood is usually really quick but she had a lot of trouble getting any out, she had to fiddle with the needle a lot before she eventually got it to drip into the containers. Then we walked over to the main hospital to pick up the cake Nan wanted from their cafe type thing (it’s called League Of Friends and is run entirely by volunteers, they sell a wide variety of homemade cakes, rolls etc as well as drinks and snacks the prices are a lot more reasonable than anywhere else in the hospital unless you happen to have staff discount like we do lol). We got her 2 bits of the Cherry Cake which is her favourite and I had a piece of chocolate cake because I was feeling really weird and light headed. We also saw a lady was selling clothes near the League Of Friends and we were lucky enough to find a brand new pair of Ben 10 pyjamas in Lukas’s size for just £5 (those are the ones I put on him when he got in from school). While we were up there Mark had to sort out a new ID badge for work so he went off to do that while I sat down and ate my cake and then we got a taxi home because I was feeling too ill to get the bus to the city centre and then another one home. When we got home I was feeling even worse and ended up laying down and falling asleep until Lukas came home from school and Mark went to work. I have been feeling like this a lot lately, it’s one of the things I am hoping will work itself out once the baby is born. I would be happy to just have one day without those moments where it’s a choice between sit down or fall down. I really have to run now because I have a lot of little things I want to get done this evening. Lukas is currently busy laying on my bed watching How It’s Made on the Discovery channel, it’s not really something most kids would be interested in but he loves it.


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