Incy Wincy needs to go away!

I am sitting here blogging because I can’t sleep, and why you may ask can’t I sleep, that would be because there’s a spider in my room. I hate spiders with a passion and the only one that hates them more than me is Lukas. Last night when I was sitting at my desk I saw a fairly large one taking a leisurely stroll across the front of my printer. I will admit I was a complete wimp and started shaking and begging Mark to kill it. By the time he bothered to listen to me I was in a bit of a state and the beastie was long gone. I tried going to bed but I couldn’t help myself from looking all around the room for the damn thing every 5 minutes. Since all the fidgeting was making me hot and bothered I got up again and sat on the end of the bed to use the computer. Eventually that was too uncomfortable so I got all the way up and came and sat in the desk chair. I tried to work on a layout to calm down so I could get some sleep. It kind of went slowly because of the move something on the page, look around for spider, move something else on the page, look around again for spider routine I had going. I was finally starting to relax when I spotted the damn thing on the ceiling above my desk. In the time it took for me to stand up with the intention of waking Mark and begging him to please kill it, the little pest had disappeared again. Every time I have started to feel a bit more calm and sane, I have spotted it again and got scared all over again. First it was on the wall, then on the shelf. I thought I spotted it on the desk but that turned out to just be a trick of my imagination and a piece of fluff. So now I am tired and irritated at myself for being such a wimp. I hate being scared of anything and I am having a hard time believing that something as stupid as a spider can have this effect on me. I feel like such an irrational crazy person right now, yet I know if I get up and I lay in my bed I won’t be able to sleep because I will be looking all around the room for it again, the thing that scares me most is the idea of it crawling across my skin. Just the thought of it makes me shudder and start shaking. I also know that if I do manage to fall asleep I will end up being woken up with the nightmares I have had before numerous times about giant spiders, the nightmares that make me wake up shaking and keep me awake for the rest of the night. I never had nightmares about spiders until I was pregnant, the nightmares I did have should have been much more scary yet somehow I could always drift back off to sleep after those. I suppose it’s some kind of a hormone thing making them seem more real or something. I don’t really care what the reason is to be honest I just want them to go away so I can get some sleep. But more than anything else I want to see that spider squished and out of my bedroom!


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