Today is a much better day

After I posted yesterday things got even worse around here, the next door neighbour annoyed Nan by mowing our front garden. Now before everyone looks confused and says but that’s a nice thing to do you have to understand a few things, first our grass didn’t need mowing Gary did it last Sunday for Nan. The reason he did it then is because we were out for the day, both me and Lukas have issues with grass. I don’t exactly know what the problem is since it only seems to be really bad when people mow it. It makes Lukas cough and makes both of us itchy and miserable and we both end up with runny eyes and noses and it’s worse when I am pregnant. When other people mow their grass we have to shut the windows. Well we couldn’t shut the window yesterday thanks to having the bedroom door shut all day because of the builders the room was already unbearably hot. Lukas ended up having to have medicine just so he could get to sleep and I just had to put up with it since I can’t take my allergy tablets thanks to the baby. The second reason she was mad has to do with the way it looks. As I mentioned yesterday the builders had already annoyed Nan by leaving all of the bathroom rubbish on our front garden. So when the man next door mowed, he just mowed around the mess. So we have parts of our grass that look like a mixture of straw and dirt because they are far too short and when the builders move the rubbish we will have parts that are much longer than the rest. The third reason she was mad was the mess, he left the cut grass absolutely everywhere and she had to go outside and rake it all up and sweep the path, even if she wasn’t slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleaning ( it would have drove her insane knowing it was “messy” outside") we would have had to do it this time, because of the builders coming in and out and not wanting cut grass walked through the whole house. So she was not exactly pleased and I wasn’t exactly thrilled about having to listen to her moaning about something else either! She did get Gary to close the bathroom window when he came to pick up Ella unfortunately he also closed the small window and I ended up having to get a stool from downstairs and lean over to reopen it. I didn’t tell her but I hurt my stomach doing it. Nan decided she was going to give Lukas a wash in the kitchen and he had a great time annoying her by doing everything she told him not to do. Don’t touch that when your wet, so he touched it, don’t put your feet on the floor until I have dried them so he put his feet on the floor. I had to walk out of the room and have a snigger to myself because she just doesn’t realise that if you tell him not to do something and you don’t tell him why he can’t do it he will do it just to see why he wasn’t allowed to do it. I had a massive argument with Mark when he came home from work last night and when I eventually fell asleep I was pretty miserable. He went to his Dad’s today to do washing and I never woke up until 2pm when he got back, so we haven’t seen very much of each other today. When I did see him he appeared to be sorry for last night though which makes a change. If you are wondering this argument started over work again, I was already mad because when I looked at the calendar I saw that this Saturday is the fete at the hospital. All of the money raised goes to help the Special Care Baby Unit and we have taken Lukas every year. I had already mentioned it to him and we were intending to go before he went to work on Saturday. Then he forgot all about it and agreed to change shifts with someone else. His job causes a lot of fights lately. I am sick of him always changing his shifts and when he is working to help other people out yet when I need him to have a day off for my appointments he ends up taking it out of his annual leave because no-one will trade with him. Even when we have booked the day off weeks in advance it still ends up getting changed at the last minute because he refuses to stand up to his boss. I get sick of it especially when I have to change or cancel plans. I always check with him when he’s working before I suggest anything. So I get really upset when even after checking with him and knowing it’s a day he has off I get told we can’t do it because he’s changed shifts with someone or he’s been told he has to work because they are short. Then when he came home and told me that he was now working Monday ( a day he had booked off because I have a hospital appointment). I am so fed up with being one of the lowest priorities on his list. Me and Lukas come way down after his Playstation 2, sport on the television, his online games and his job and it makes me sad. I feel like we deserve better than that, the appointment for Monday is at the Doppler clinic at the hospital, so they can check on the blood flow to the baby so it’s not exactly an appointment we can just not go to. But anyway I am fed up of talking about him for now, I want to talk about the bathroom. Today was Nan’s day off and as I have already said I spent the day asleep. She’s annoyed because the builders only ended up being here a few hours but however long they were here, they managed to get the bath finished being fitted, the sink fitted, the toilet fitted and the tiles onto the wall. The tiling isn’t finished they are supposed to be grouting tomorrow but I was able to give Lukas a bath this evening, we had to be a little bit careful because of the dust and it not all being finished though and we are thrilled to have a toilet and running water up here again. The taps are great and seem to have resolved the water pressure issue we have always had upstairs since we moved in, I only added a splash of bubble bath and the whole bath was filled with bubbles lol. It will be hard to remember for a while that we can no longer turn on the bath and wonder back in here to check emails or whatever while it runs because the bath fills super fast now lol. Lukas is in love with the new push button flush and had a great time pressing it while he was using the toilet, he laughed and told me that he bum had gotten wet when he did it silly boy. We had a little talk about wasting water and how the flush is not a toy and he has reluctantly left it alone ever since. But he has decided that whenever anyone uses the toilet he has to be the one to do the flush, luckily for him I am pregnant and need to pee every 5 minutes at the moment lol. It’s Mark’s day off tomorrow and I am hoping that after the builders leave I can have a bath. I was a bit hesitant to try it with no-one here since it’s really low down and I am not sure I can get back up at the moment without a little help. I am hoping that when Mark gets home tonight we will be able to spend some time together without arguing. It would make a real change to go to bed without tears for a change. Anyway I suppose I better go for now it’s almost 10:15 and Lukas is still sitting playing the laptop lol. He is supposed to be going to sleep but since he was being so quiet and good I left him to it, but he really should go to bed now since he has school and Sports Day practice tomorrow and I have a layout to do. 


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