Hmm now where to start

Should I write about Lukas having the chicken pox, or maybe the trip to the hospital because we thought my waters had broken, or I could write about having to call an ambulance for Nan because she was choking, or there’s always the fall I took in the bedroom and twisted my ankle or the trip I took down the stairs and the sprained wrist I got from that or I guess I could start with the last minute trip to Chessington we took for Fathers Day a week early. I could even just share some of the layouts that I have scrapped and haven’t gotten around to sharing. I have lots of things I could be blogging about but I don’t seem to be able to find the words to start. Its feels like there is always stuff going on here lately and while I used to enjoy sharing all the details and remembering them lately I just want each day to hurry up and be over. *sigh* I am just so tired lately and depressed I can’t seem to find the motivation to do much at all. I just keep hoping that I will feel a bit better once the baby is finally born and then all of a sudden I will feel like living my life again, instead of just sleepwalking my way through each hour like a zombie.


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