From Our Blog To Yours – Even the economy can’t make me give up…

This time around the prompt was to talk about the one thing that even on a tight budget you would be unwilling or unable to give up. I have to admit that for us there isn’t really much spare cash around anyway, we don’t tend to do much because of me being ill all the time so there isn’t really many things we would consider luxuries/things we could do without. Digital Scrapbooking is a vice of mine, even when I am not really scrapping much I can’t seem to stop myself from buying certain kits that appeal to me. It kind of makes me happy to buy pretty things and to imagine layouts I could do using them even when I don’t get around to actually doing the layouts lol. When we are planning to take a trip or use the money for a bigger purchase I stay away from the digital stores. I don’t consider it an addiction since I can do without it, it’s more a habit that comes from boredom than anything else. Now Mark has an addiction to coke, that is all he will drink and with the amount he drinks it does get to be quite expensive. I would probably say the amount he spends on coke and junk food is equal to what I spend on scrapbooking stuff some months. But I also think until we can’t afford to do this that it really isn’t a problem. I don’t think we will ever be the kind of people who have the ability to save money, when we have money it gets spent on something. Maybe things will change when we have a house of our own and we have to be more careful with money but for now these little vices help to make life a little brighter and that’s not a bad thing.


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