Once you become a parent you know it’s inevitable that at some point your kids will say or do something and you will wish the ground would open up and swallow you. At that exact moment in time you either want to kill them or kill yourself laughing even if it is highly inappropriate. Usually it doesn’t matter exactly what they did because at some point you see the funny side of it. Maybe not until much much later and maybe only in the privacy of your own home or the homes of close friends or family but you do. I am sitting here at the moment blushing because of one of these moments and trying so hard not to laugh out loud while trying to tell Lukas off for doing it. For as long as I can remember he has always told us he needed to go “ploppies” when he needed to use the bathroom. Since it’s usually just us and he always leaves it until he is just about to poop his pants it’s pretty common for us to see him starting to take off his shorts before he gets to the bathroom. Only today he hasn’t managed to get dressed thanks to the broken heating in the house, it’s a bit like a greenhouse in here so I let him keep his pyjamas on because they are cooler. Did I mention he doesn’t usually wear pants to bed since he isn’t coordinated enough to pull down more than one thing when he is half asleep. Can you guess where this is going yet? The nice man who is here to fix the heating was on the landing changing a part on the boiler when Lukas decided he needed to go. Lukas opens the bedroom door while pulling his shorts down and accidently flashes the heating guy while loudly announcing, “I need to go ploppies” at the top of his voice. Obviously our reaction is to instantly shout and tell him to shut the door and stop announcing it to everyone and he’s frozen like a deer in headlights with his pants around his ankles. We finally got him to pull his pants up and shut the door and I sent Mark to take him to the toilet. So then he starts asking why he can’t go by himself like he usually does and we are trying to whisper and explain that there are tools and pieces of the boiler everywhere, there is a ladder blocking the hallway and it’s really not nice to tell everyone that you need to go ploppies lol. I know it’s bizarre but it’s times like these I am glad I am his mummy. Sure we are slightly embarrassed but it’s always fun to never know exactly what to expect from Lukas. Life is certainly never dull when he is around and he always manages to make me giggle lol.


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