Blissed Out

I apologise in advance for the post you are about to read. It’s definately going to be one of those that either makes you go awww how sweet or gag on it’s sicklyness lol. I don’t know if you could put it down to the pregnancy hormones but lately we have been kind of loved up around here. Everytime Mark has to go anywhere even just to the shops he is met with a deathgrip hugs and begging not to be long from both me and Lukas. When he is here we spend lmost all of our time cuddled up together. Usually either I am in the middle with Mark and Lukas fighting over who gets to stroke my belly or Lukas squeezes into the middle and me and Mark bicker over who can cuddle him the hardest. It’s not like life has suddenly got perfect around here far from it. If anything life is slightly more unbearable around here than usual thanks to Nan being ill and all of the issues that come from being pregnant. But for some reason all the headaches, the pain, the insomnia and the emotional rollercoaster seem to take a back seat whenever I get to cuddle up with my family. I suppose we consider ourselves lucky that this pregnancy has been so much better than the others. Takara Bean doesn’t come without complications and no-one could describe this pregnancy as easy but to us all of this is old news. We expect pregnancy to be difficult and while it still is there’s a lot less stress because it’s not quite as bad (yet) as we were expecting it to be. I suppose that it’s just nice not to feel so depressed and helpless all the time. I like this new side to our relationship, I like how we talk and want to be around each other. It’s something that has been missing for a long time. It’s quite funny that we are all watching the clock everyday Lukas gets excited that Daddy will be home soon, I count down how long until he is going to be back and Mark always looks so thrilled when he walks in and me and Lukas jump all over him because we missed him lol. We are going away for the night next Sunday, it’s annual pass holders day at Chessington World Of Adventures so we have booked the hotel for the night and are so excited about getting away from here for the night. Then we have another trip planned for the beginning of next month and that will probably be it until after the baby is born. We are all getting so excited now the time seems to be flying by. I have already bought a few bits and pieces but there’s still lots to do and sort out and thanks to our babies always being unpredictable we aren’t really sure how long we have to get it done lol. Yesterday I spent the day doing some computer stuff while Mark enjoyed a day of sport and a vague attempt at tidying up. I managed to get 2 layouts made and crossed a few other things off my to-do list. Mark goes back to full shifts tonight. It’s a big change fto go back from 4-12 when he has only been gone from 4-8. That means dinner, bathtime and bedtime are all going to be on me again. It’s been really nice to know that if I didn’t feel like doing bathtime Mark could do it when he came home. We knew it was going to happen but it’s still going to be a bit of an adjustment for all of us. Tonight will definately be the hardest because Lukas probably won’t get to see Mark until he gets him up for school in the morning, he is going to miss the time they have been spending together playing the computer or the playstation or just chatting. I have a lot to work on today but I am not feeling too great so I am not sure how much of it will actually get done. I have some phone calls to make and some more layouts to do if I feel up to sitting here and doing them. I am going to leave you with the two layouts I did yesterday and go and make those phone calls before I forget lol. They were both made with Chrissy’s newest template set (released today) called Clustered there’s a rectangle version as well as the square but I haven’t gotten around to using those yet lol. The first one was made using an older kit by Chrissy called My Favourite Place and the second using a brand new collaboration between Chrissy, Angie Kovacs and Maria Ferguson (Duchess Designs) they were a lot of fun to do. I think I had forgotten how much I like to scrap!

Credits: Layered template (Clustered, Template 4) and My Favourite Place by Chrissy W and Tiny Truckers Medal was scanned in by me. Font is Downcome.

Enabling: Clustered Templates and My Favourite Place by Chrissy W available here and here and Downcome Font available here.

Credits: Layered template (Clustered, Template 3) and Wordle Paper Cutters by Chrissy W, Spring Forward by Chrissy W, Angie Kovacs and Maria Ferguson (Duchess Designs), Tweet Baby Alpha by Royanna Lea Fritschmann and Buttoned Down Dates by Bella Gypsy.

Enabling: Clustered templates and Wordle Papers Cutters by Chrissy W available here and here, Spring Forward by Chrissy W, Angie Kovacs and Maria Ferguson (Duchess Designs) available here and Buttoned Down Dates by Bella Gypsy available here. Tweet Baby by Royanna Lea Fritschmann is now retired.


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