It was the best of times it was the worst of times.

Sorry I haven’t been back there has been a lot going on here. Let’s start with the good stuff because the bad stuff is kind of depressing. It all started 3 days ago when I got an early and very unexpected Christmas present – I found out that I am pregnant. To say I was thrilled would be a slight understatement. Lukas is too excited for words and has taken great pleasure in telling everyone who asks what he is getting for Christmas “a baby, but I have to wait” lol. Mark managed to kill anything resembling a buzz about it with his attitude though which is just typical. I was going to tell Nan on Christmas Day but Lukas doesn’t understand the concept of it’s a secret. When we did the maths we worked out that the due date should be around June 20th but judging by Lukas and Leo we could be looking at as early as April. Other people’s reactions were a little mixed. Nan was shocked but very happy, Lisa is happy for us. Lukas told my mum when she bought cards and a gift for Nan and she apparently didn’t react at all. My Dad hurt my feelings when I told him I know he probably didn’t mean to but comments like “I hope you aren’t going to follow in your mother’s footsteps” are hurtful. I resisted the urge to say something sarcastic back because even if I did want that many kids it’s none of his business. I am nearly 24 years old and I don’t live with him so it’s my decision how many kids I have. If things had worked out we may have had 4 by now anyway. I guess I just fail to see why people can’t just be pleased for us. Anyway that’s about all of the good news I have to share, I suppose I should move onto the bad stuff now. When Mark called to tell his Dad our news, we found out that his dad had been in a car accident and had written off his car. Apparently a female driver pulled out and left nowhere for anyone to go and caused a huge pileup so we didn’t end up telling him. We had planned on telling him before Mark told his brother and sister but it’s not exactly easy news to keep quiet lol. Although to be fair Mark’s family couldn’t really care less. Then we got a Christmas card from Mark’s dad that said Happy Christmas from Andy and Mo. I have to admit I couldn’t care less what he gets up to, or who he is sleeping with but I do find it slightly tacky to write out cards the first Christmas without Mark’s mum with another woman’s name on them and to write out cards to your kids that don’t say love Dad in them. Our wedding card said from Freda (Mark’s mum) and Andy so I know they are like that but I guess I just thought the first Christmas without her he would have made the effort to write Dad. Mark’s family is definitely strange I suppose after all this time I should be used to them and expect the way they act but I’m not. I don’t have time to tell you about what went wrong on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day right now but I will try and get back later.


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