Guess what I got today?

A brand new Vista Laptop!!!! It’s very cute silver with a huge screen and has a built in webcam and microphone. I have already installed some of the things I consider vital like firefox and digsby. It makes the other computer look a little like a typewriter it’s so fast. So I thought whille Mark is trying to burn some disks for me so I can get some work done on my new computer, I would get the latest layouts uploaded here. I also have a few other things I can do while I am waiting like catch up on my journal your christmas prompts and add stuff to the calendar. I have to admit I wasn’t very happy about changing from Windows XP to Windows Vista but so far I am loving it. I currently have a lot of things I am working on that have super short deadlines hopefully when I don’t have to spend lots of time swearing at the comnputer or waiting for it to load something I will be able to get through them all quickly. So anyway here are the layouts I have to share, Lukas’s Christmas Card for school and 3 layouts. I am going to start with Lukas’s Christmas Card since that is my favourite one. I put the cards through the printer to put the greeting inside (Merry Christmas Love Lukas no names since I didn’t know them, but I did personalise them for family members) then I printed the design onto 4×6 photo paper and then glued the photos to the front of the cards. I made Mark put them in the envelopes since I can’t lick them because they usually have latex in the glue and it’s just not worth the risk.

Credits: Layered template (Brag Book, Album Cover Template) by Misty Cato, Merry and Bright by Kate Hadfield and Kaye Winiecki, Wordy Bits Christmas by Kate Hadfield and Tiff Brady, Santa Doodles by Kate Hadfield, Snowflake Overlay by Scrapidea Timkova and Glitter Styles by Megan Farrow (Flergs). Fonts used inside the card were Kids Scrawl and MA Quaddie.

The 1st layout was for Journal My Christmas so you can just click on the little graphic in the sidebar to go there and see it it seems silly to me to upload the same layout here and there.

The 2nd layout was the photos from our trip to see Angelina Ballerina, Lukas is not very pleased about the amount of pink on it but it’s not easy to find ballet themed items that aren’t pink!

Credits: Layered template (Angie’licous 3 Rectangle, Template 1) by Chrissy W, Ballet Slippers Element Pack and Ballet Slippers Paper Pack by Kate Hadfield and Jacque Larsen, Hand Sewn Stitches and Hand Sewn Neutral Stitches by Kate Hadfield, Alpha Split by Jessica Gorny and Dainty Dancer by Julie Billingsley. Fonts are FO Howie’s Stamps Abundant and FO Howie’s Stamps Lowfat both by Fontologie.

Journalling reads: When we went to see the Angelina Ballerina – Angelina’s Star Perfomance by the English National Ballet at the theatre, taking photographs of the show was forbidden. But I did manage to take this one of you, during the interval wearing the flashing ears souvenir you begged me to buy for you.

The last one was just a picture I took when Lukas was ill for once I just didn’t have the words to describe how I felt when I took that, everything I wrote came out making me sound neurotic since it was so close to Leo’s Anniversary so I went for a more simple approach and Lukas quite likes this one, I might go back at some point and add some journalling to it though they always seem incomplete to me without any.

Credits: Layered template (Mixin’ It Up 4 Rectangle, Template 1) and It’s Clear To Me by Chrissy W and Ouchie by Misty Cato. Font is FO Textura Traced by Fontologie. Journalling reads: 25th November 2008 Lukas is ill again!
Will probably not be back for a few days since I am going out tomorrow to Lukas’s Christmas Fete at school and I really need to get some of those projects finished.


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