It’s been a long night

I am still sick, and I am really getting fed up with it. Antibiotics should be done with in the next day or so then I can make another doctors appointment and hopefully find some way to feel better before we go away. I have been asleep nearly all day, Mark cleaned some up the room while I was asleep so that was nice to wake up to. Lukas has been busy playing on the computer, I am usually doing stuff on it so he doesn’t just get to play very often. I made a deal with him that if he sleeps in his own room he can earn 1 hour computer time every day after school. It was nice to hear when I woke up that he went into his bedroom with no fuss and went straight to sleep. Last night I got up to check my emails before I went back to sleep and saw that Chrissy had a new kit coming out today and I couldn’t resist having a play with it. Then despite chatting with Chrissy on Yahoo and telling her I was going to bed, I got inspired to create a second layout lol. So I never ended up going to bed. I have even got dressed. I am going to try and stay up all day and then sleep tonight. I have lots to get done and at least it keeps my mind off the pain and feeling sick. So do you want to see the layouts? (You do know it’s not really a question don’t you, because I am going to show you them whether you want to see them or not lol).

Credits: Layered template ({Still} Mixin’ It Up Rectangle, Template 1) and My Dog Lucky Bum by Chrissy W. Fonts are FO-Textura and FO-Textura Traced both by Fontologie.

Quotes reads: “Whoever said you can’t buy happiness, forgot little puppies” Gene Hill.

Enabling: {Still} Mixin’ It Up Rectangle Templates and My Dog Lucky Bum by Chrissy W available here and here and FO Textura and FO Textura Traced Fonts by Fontologie available in this pack.

Credits: Layered template (McTurtle’icious Rectangle, Template 2) and My Dog Lucky Bum by Chrissy W and Eclectic Needs Variety Basic Straight Stitching by Jessica Bolton. Font is DJB Nicole by Darcy Baldwin.

Journalling reads: You love all of your toys, but some of them are a little bit more special than others. You called this one “Leo Doggy”. We bought him when Leo was in NICU, to watch over him and keep him safe. When Leo died they gave him back to me and you asked if you could have him. We gave him a wash to get rid of the nasty hospital smell and then he was all yours. You carry him almost everywhere. You have cried many tears into his fur but you always seem to be happier and more confident when you know it’s close by. I think it’s because he makes you feel like Leo is always close by watching over you and keeping you safe Ths little doggy helps you to never forget him.

Enabling: McTurtle’icious Rectangle Templates and My Dog Lucky Bum by Chrissy W available here and here,Eclectic Needs Variety Basic Straight Stitching by Jessica Bolton available here and DJB Nicole by Darcy Baldwin available here.

Hopefully back later with some more layouts.


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