Starting off with an apology

for my post the other day, everything kind of overwhelmed me and then I ended up sitting here feeling hopeless and crying as I tyoed that. I truly appreciated the comments that people left they helped a lot. A little update for you still taking the antibiotics, still in a lot of pain, still looking a bit like the elephant woman but coping a lot better. I also want to apologise for the inevitable spelling and other errors there are bound to be in this post. I have a new keyboard and mouse (it lights up from the bottom and has white buttons instead of black). The buttons are organised slightly differently, the keys are a lot shallower and need a lot less pessure to work. The old one had very high keys so my hands are used to typing in a ompletely different position. Lukas was awake all of last night, he woke up and just couldn’t get back to sleep. So we spent the night watching cartoons and eating dry cereal from bowls lol.We had two different ones and kept swapping them between us. I sat here and caught up on some stuff then I went to bed and he went to school.Want to hazard a guess what he’s doing now? Yep he’s fast asleep on my bed, hasn’t had his dinner or a bath or put his pyjamas on but it’s really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. I only hope he’s not so sound asleep that he pees on my bed, because I can’t lift him out to take him and I certainly can’t lift him up to change the bed lol. I do have a few layouts to share but I am going to do that in a seperate post right now I need to go and do some stuff that’s not on the computer. Be back in a little while.


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