What a week

You will have to excuse the bad typing and inevitable spelling mistakes there will be in this post, I have done something to my right arm and it really hurts to move it. I have never had the entire arm from my wrist right through my shoulder hurt like this before. Hopefully the painkillers might kick in soon and I will be able to get some work done. We have had a super busy week which started with our trip to the cinema last Saturday. We took Lukas and Ella out and went to see Kung Fu Panda, great film definately one we will be buying when it comes out on DVD. Then on sunday we left at an insanely early time for our trip to Chessington. We were on the 1st bus leaving here at 7:10am, we stopped off for Mcdonalds breakfast in the City Centre and then caught the coach to London. When we got there we were a little surpirsed to see that some of the trains were being diverted to bus services due to railway maintenance. We were luckily not affected by that excpet for having to use completely different platforms then we did last time we went. Two trains later and we got to Chessington. The weather was great hot but not too hot to be uncomfotable. We got a locker for the day, went and purchsed the drinks bottle (£5 for the bottle, free refills all day) then it was time for rides. Lukas and Mark went on some trucks that drove around a track while I took photographs of them and some of the flowers lol. Then we queued up for a ride called tomb blaster, it’s a ride with carriages you sit in and you fire a laser gun at the red lights that appear. It was a lot of fun but the things popping out and screeching kind of scared both me and Lukas a little, so I don’t think we will be doing that one again. Then we wondered over to Beanoland and had a ride on the Dodgems. I usually don’t ride on them because of my stomach issues but I fancied having a go, it really wasn’t too bad they are not built at all like the ones at a fairground, we spun quite a few times and never managed to ram Mark like we wanted to but there’s always next time lol. While we were in Beanoland we stopped for Chilli and Nachos with cheese on them, yummy. Then onto the Bubbleworks ride which is Lukas’s favourite one in the whole place. Last time we went he got 3 rides this time he managed to go one better. After our first turn me and Lukas wondered off for more food while Mark went on the Vampire (some insane rollercoaster). Lukas had a pepperoni pizza in Pizza Hut and I got a Chicken Fajita from the Mexican Diner. I had one last time and it was one of the things I was really looking forward to about going back. We had a little confusion where Mark was suppsoed to call when he got off the ride but instead called when he was about to get on it. We spent 20 minutes wondering around looking for him and were not all that happy when we eventually did find him. Then Mark had Fish and Chips from Chips Ahoy and I had a Sausage and Chips since it was cheaper to buy the combo package rather than a single meal. I have to admit the food wasn’t great, every other food place in Chessington is amazing but the chips were dry and the sausage was greasy, Mark never finished the chips but he did say the Fish was amazing. It’s not something he ever gets to have at home because Nan moans about the smell. Then we went back and had our other three rides on Bubbleworks, to say we were soaked to the skin when we finally got off is a bit of an understatement lol. Lukas thought it would be a great idea to stick his arms out into the water spray. The very last thing we did before we left was let Lukas have a go on the water cannon we did that last time too. You put a £1 coin into the front and it turns on a water cannon, you have to aim the cannon at the pirate scene on the back and water goes into holes, makes things move it’s very cool. Especially if you do like we did and aim the cannon directly at the flag, the flag spins and the water soaks anyone daft enough to get within range lol. We made a quick stop at the doughnut shop for freshly made doughnuts while Mark was unloading the locker. We had bought another pile of photographs from various rides and souveniers so we were a little bit loaded up when we finally headed to the hotel. The hotel is amazing it’s a 4 star hotel on the site, literally 5 minutes walk from the park. We checked in and went up to our room and within a few seconds it looked just like home lol. There were clothes dumped in piles everywhere, bags strewn across the floor, shoes here and there lol. After a quick change of clothes we headed down to the hotel pool. When we signed in they asked how many towels we wanted, we didn’t klnow they supplied them so we had dragged our own, lesson noted for next time. We had the whole pool to ourselves. Complete and utter bliss, shame the hottub was broken. Me and Lukas then had a great time playing with the power shower until Lukas sprayed me direct in the face with freezing cold water and I tripper over the step and nearly knocked myself out on the concrete wall. He also managed to put his soaking wet clothes on top of all the dry stuff silly monkey. So we had to head back upstairs and put him back into the other set of clothes, we had only taken 1 change of clothes each because of carrying it. We headed into London for some dinner, and came back with a Happy Meal for Lukas and a Boneless Box from KFC for us. We also picked up a can od budweiser for Mark and a Smirnoff ice for me. It was great fun to sit on a bed in a 4 star hotel watching the tv and eating out of a cardboard box of KFC, that’s us all over. Mark opened my drink for me but I fell asleep before I even tasted it. We slept all night and I got up at 5:30 the next morning. My only complaint was that the hotel provided one pillow and one cushion it wasn’t really high enough to sleep on for us, but we can always ask them for extra ones next time. When I checked on Lukas I saw that he had fidgeted that much there was not a single bit of bedding left on the bed lol. We all pottered around for a bit, I had a bath and Mark washed my hair, the power shower was awesome. Then we started repacking the bags to leave, then we kind of noticed a problem the 4 rides on Bubbleworks had left some of our photographs soaked. Luckily for us the photographs themselves were fine but the cardboard cases were wrecked, we were very greatful for the over zealous cashier at KFC as we sat there drying them with the massive pile of KFC napkins she had shoved in the bag lol. Finally it was time for breakfast, it had been included as part of the package we booked. There was so many different things to choose from, Toast, Cereal, Full English, Fruit, Yoghurt, Pastries, Croissants. We tried a bit of everything, Lukas has cereal, toast, a strawberry yoghurt, cucumber, salami, orange juice. He was up for trying stuff which makes a change I kept apologising for the mess he was making and they just looked at me like I was crazy, the staff really are not used to anyone even noticing they are there, let alone apologising or thanking them. After breakfast it was time to check out and we were a little sad to leave. Lukas was moaning because he liked his “new home upstairs”. Then it was onto day two of our little adventure a Zoo Day at Chessington. We knew when we booked the trip that on a Zoo Day no rides were open but we didn’t know no facilities would be open, that meant no lockers so we had to carry everything around all day. We had a great day because we took everything at a really laid back pace. First we saw the children’s zoo which Lukas thought was really funny especially when a chicken decided to screech as I went to take a photo of it and I screamed. We saw the skunks and the goats and some great big pigs. The worst part was the damn chickens took to following me all over the childrens zoo, I admit I did end up telling them they they looked much better in my KFC box the night before lol. Then saw the Humbolt Penguins being fed and listened to the keeper talk which was great fun and very educational. I can’t remember exactly what order we saw stuff in Mark videoed a lot of the feedings, when I get chance I will put those on the computer and if they are small enough maybe even share them here. We loved the sealife centre, there are lots of things to do in there, including some little holes in the wall where you can stick your arm in and feel what eel skin and shark skin feels like, it’s synthetic stuff not real but very strange. There are lots of interactive things to do as well, but the best part was walking through the tunnel and seeing the sharks and other fish all around you. The Trail of Kings was good, it’s a path and you can wonder through and see all the huge animals Lions, Tigers, stuff like that, we didn’t make it all the way through because we wanted to be back in time to watch the Animal Antics Show. That was very cool to watch. They had rats (Indie and Jones) performing on an obstacle course, a parrot doing a display and something else but I can’t remember what the other thing was right now. The Sealions were great fun, they have the oldest one in Europe his name was Boris. We really enjoyed it, Chessington is a like a completely different place when it’s not full of crowds and music. It’s a lot more peaceful and laid back. We would like to do another Zoo Day but we would have to find a way to do it and not have to carry the bags. When it was finally time to leave we were all a little sad, none of us were ready to get back to our normal lives here. We had really enjoyed being away from Nan and spending the time together as a family. The trip away showed us that is it definately time to look into getting our own place away from Nan. We don’t want to move back in with Mark’s dad either we really need the space and privacy that only our own place can give us. We were just so relaxed and I honestly didn’t feel as ill because I wasn’t so stressed out or miserable. I love Nan I really do but she gets on my nerves so much with her moaning and whinging and nagging. Since we have been back she has driven me insane and I have felt like complete crap. The migraines are worse and it’s depressing. I will say one other thing about the trip it’s made me realise why I love Mark so much, we are very much loved up and content with each other at the moment and it’s thanks to the time away. We have been a lot closer and more loving to each other since we got back, I feel lucky to have him caring for me and loving me. We have spent a lot of time just cuddling up together and it’s nice. Listen to me I sound like some loved up teenager, what can I say I am content and happier than I have been in a long time even if Nan is making me miserable. I have things that make it better like knowing if I come upstairs I am likely to see a message from my husband telling me how much he loves me, how much he misses me or just saying he can’t wait to come home. But anyway enough about the Chessington trip even if I could talk about it all day long lol. I have done other stuff this week, Tuesday was spent catching up on emails and other stuff from the weekend and Sweet Shoppe Designs Challenges before the end of the month. I am happy to say I did manage to get my 40% off coupon again. Wednesday me and Lukas had tickets to go and see Angelina Ballerina in Angelina’s Star Performance, a ballet by the English National ballet at the theatre. We had a great time together just me and him. We came home with a dvd since pictures were forbidden, a programme and a set of flashing bunny (although the are supposed to be mouse but are way too long lol) ears. Then we went for a Happy Meal before coming home. Thursday and Friday I have been busy scrapping, CT Assignments mostly. Looks like I bought my inspiration back from Chessington with me lol. Which brings us up to now. I have been to a few chats at Scrapbook Graphics for their 5th Birthday party celebration. Although I have to admit I have been more watching the chatter than participating in it. I plan on doing a little scrapping if my arm stops hurting a bit, and maybe watching my new Sex in the City movie dvd (which was a present from Mark just because he loves me). Lukas is basically doing what he always does which is running around the house doing whatever he pleases, and Nan well she is doing what she always does, moaning, complaining and sitting in her chair. As long as I am up here and she is downstairs out of my earshot I am content. I know she probably can’t help it but I just can’t be bothered to hear the same complaint over and over again so I choose to avoid her. Tomorrow we are off to the cinema again to see Space Chimps and then going to Mark’s Dad’s to do some washing. I will share all the layouts I have done in a seperate post because this one is getting way too long lol. I promised Lukas I would try and give him some computer time later, so I might not be back today but I will post the layouts and enabling eventually or you can go here.


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