I love it when I get to plot things

I have a secret, and before you say anything no it’s not one of those annoying blog posts. You know the ones I mean where people post they have a secret and then revel in keeping people guessing what store they are selling at or what CT they are on. The secret I am talking about is infact only a secret from one person – my little man. I have a surprise planned for him for tomorrow and I am very excited about it. We have booked tickets to go to Chessington again (full theme park day), stay overnight in the onsite hotel and go back to Chessington on Monday (Zoo only day). It’s going to be so much fun, even the part where I drag him out of bed at stupid o’clock tomorrow morning it will be worth the inevitable scowls and moaning. See Lukas is like my mirror image he hates being kept in the dark about anything, he hates surprises and he will bug you endlessly to reveal what the secret or surprise is. He’s also like me in another way he does not, absolutely definately does not do mornings lol. I am only this chirpy because I haven’t made it to bed yet. This week is going to be a lot of fun, this morning we are off to take Lukas and Ella to see Kung Fu Panda at the cinema for the bargain price of £3 (that’s total not each!) in the Saturday Morning Kids Club. Tomorrow is the big Chessington trip, we will be back Monday night. Then Wednesday me and Lukas have tickets to go and see Angelina Ballerina Baller at the theatre. Long story short the school sent home letters saying they had 20 tickets available to see Angelina Ballerina for £7.50 it was open to years 2,3 and 4. Well Lukas decided he really wanted to go so we signed the form and Nan gave him the money to take to school the next day. Only when they got there they were told all the tickets had been sold the night before. Lukas was really upset so it was a little bit of mummy to the rescue (with daddy’s debit card lol). It’s actually a lot better like this it means we get the chance to spend some quality time together and do something and I get to take photographs, lots and lots of photographs lol. We will probably go for a happy meal or a pizza afterwards and then come home. I’m excited, and for the 1st time in a long time I am happy. I am still sick but I don’t care we are getting away from it all on our 1st “holiday” it may only be one night away but I desperately need to get out of this house for whatever amount of time I can get. Nan’s moaning and whining is annoying and depressing. I need this break and I am determined that we are going to have a blast no matter how ill I feel. So I will catch you on Tuesday I have a couple of layout to share but they can wait if you really want to see them you can always go to September’s layout folder here and see them.


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