Happy Birthday Mark

It’s Mark’s birthday today, he turned 31. I got him a Lord Of The Rings DVD boxset but haven’t been out anywhere to get him a card. I was intending to make him something but because of how ill I have been feeling later I didn’t manage that either. I feel really guilty but he doesn’t seem bothered. He’s had a drink, played his playstation and is content with that. I honestly don’t think he has had a decent birthday since he met me, every year something comes up and everything I plan to do to make his day special goes to hell. I was afraid he might be upset since it’s the 1st birthday he’s had without his mum but I suppose it helps that she wasn’t really all that interested because he really didn’t seem to notice. He might be a bit different on monday when it’s her birthday though. We had a great day out together as a family yesterday. We went to St Giles Fair, and then the museum before having dinner in Pizza Hut and then coming home because me and Lukas were feeling poorly. Mark spent the evening playing the computer and me and Lukas spent it sleeping. Lukas went back to school this morning, the little troll wouldn’t let Mark take any photographs though. Poor little guy came home to the wrath of a picture deprived mummy, I was hoping to scrap with those tonight. So he’s promised he will sit still tomorrow morning and have some taken. I think he would have agreed to anything just to get me to stop looking at him and making him feel guilty lol. It’s just a talent that I have lol. Anyway I know this is brief but I have lots to do tonight before I go to bed and um it’s already nearly 2:30am. I’ll probably be back tomorrow with a more detailed update and some layouts to share.


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