Now for something a little lighter

You may have noticed I redecorated in here lol. No I haven’t suddenly learnt all about Html, I told you before looking at all that code makes my head hurt lol. I did what I do best – I bought something pretty. Zoe Pearn over at Sweet Shoppe Designs released a new line of products called blog in a box, it includes everything you need to make your blog beautiful, now don’t get me wrong the sets are beautiful when you first buy them but they were a little pink for my liking, so I recoloured them. It’s fairly simple to do if you follow the instructions included. I was a bit sad that my search bar was missing but I just asked how to fix it and Zoe got right back to me. I have now got a 2 column blog instead of the columns I was used to but it’s growing on me, I can always have a play around when I feel like and see if I can get my old code and the one included in the set to mix together and give me a beautiful 3 columned blog lol. I have 2 new layouts to show you as well. Then I really have to go and try and do some work, I have CT assignments, Sweet Shoppe Challenges and loads of other stuff to get done and I am feeling so uninspired and unmotivated it’s not even funny, but we are not going to go into that today because I am short on time. Ok the 1st layout I have to show you was created using a set of papers that I was RAK’ed by the lovely Jodie McNally and the coordinating wordart she has for sale.Credits: Layered template (Starting Blocks 2, Template 1) by Amy Bleser, One Cool Chick and One Cool Dude by Hollie Haradon (Holliewood Studios), Doggy Dog Papers and I’m Talking ’bout Doggy Dogs Wordart by Jodie McNally and Glitter Styles by Megan Farrows (Flergs). Font is DJB Malea by Darcy Baldwin.

Journalling reads: Ever since you were a baby you have always been a really tactile little guy. You love to be hugged and kissed, love the feeling of snuggling up and being held. You are also really affectionate, and always enjoy showing other people that you care. Some of your methods are adorable, hearing you say “I love you hundreds” or “your the best mummy in the whole wide world” makes my heart melt, no one gives better super tight squeezes than you, and your kisses are lovely if a little bit wet. But some of the things you do are not exactly endearing like your habit of licking me like a dog. That is just really really gross. I tell you off for doing it all the time but then you look at me with those huge puppy dog eyes and turn me to mush. You know that you can pretty much be forgiven for anything you do because of how loveable you are. So I suppose until you grow out of it I should just accept that there are going to be times when I will need to dry off, after you say you love me. I should get used to being completely grossed out, because I am sure that there will come a day sometime in the future when I look back on it and miss the days when you used to give me your… Licks of love.

Enabling:Back to do it later.

The second one was created for a Spin-A-Lift challenge at Sweet Shoppe Designs, for this one we had to spin a layout by the current treat of the month amandaresende. I used one of Bree Clarkson’s Inspired by Amanda templates to finish it, the template I picked was based on amanda’s Friends (Hodge Podge 15) layout found here. I still need another 12 points to get my 40% coupon this month but luckily I have cookie decorating challenges and some a few others that I can use templates for left to do.
Credits: Layered template (Inspired by Amanda, Template 4) by Bree Clarkson, 2 Cool 4 School by Dani Mogstad and Susan Bartolini (ScrapKitchen), Paper Flowers by Dani Mogstad and Tons Of Flower Jewels by Sara AMarie. Glitter Styles by Megan Farrows (Flergs and Font is DJB Mess In My Head by Darcy Baldwin.

Enabling:Back to do it later.


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