Still on planet Earth

not gone off on some cosmic cruise around the galaxy, I have just been…, go on finish the sentance you know you want to, you’ve seen me say it enough lol, BUSY. Since I last posted here Nan has been admitted and released from hospital and is now needing more help than before, Mark is still being a pig and Lukas is still sick. It was Lukas’s official birthday yesterday, I say official we didn’t really celebrate because of him being sick, so like the queen he gets 2 birthdays (and has done ever since he was born because either me, him or both of us are always sick on his birthday). His official birthday (the day he was born – 3rd August) and his unofficial I feel better now let’s party birthday which changes every year depending on who is sick and how sick they are. Then we celebrate Leo’s birthday on the 24th August, because even though he’s not here to enjoy it I still think it deserves to be recognised and celebrated. Since I currently have about an hour or so while Nan is at a hospital appointment to get caught up on everything that’s computer related I am going to have to love you and leave you, but I just thought I should drop in and let you all know that I am still around and promise again that I will try and organise myself better so I can get this blog up to date. I will leave you with something cute Lukas did earlier, he threw up and then felt hungry, not fancying cleaning up more sick I told him he couldn’t have most of the things he wanted to eat because I didn’t want to upset his tummy again. We asked him if he would like some bread and butter, his reply was no I want naked bread lol. He meant dry bread but obviously doesn’t think bread feels dry, he didn’t understand what we thought was so funny!


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