yes I know I know

I still haven’t finished the blog post I started a week ago lol. It’s on my to-do list and I will get to it, eventually. I just can’t find the motivation. We did have to call a doctor out yesterday well Monday but since I haven’t been to bed that still technically feels like yesterday. She was so helpful *NOT* take paracetamol and drink lots of fluids are not helpful! When your thraots swollen to the point where you can barely swollow, you are running an extremely high temperature, practically falling on your butt everytime you move because you are so dizzy, having one side of your body feeling numb with no feeling at all in your fingers, wanting to throw up or peeing brown sludge and you call a doctor out to the house. You kind of expect more than them to walk in tell you that you are pale and should get out more and then leave with the take paracetamol, drink lots of fluids lecture. It’s also not appreciated when said doctor tells you that even though you are shivering under the duvet you shouldn’t be under the duvet at all, that’s perfectly normal. But my favourite part of all is the most famous words spoken by doctors ever when they can’t be bothered with you (obviously after the fluids and paracetamol lines lol) “It’s a Viral Infection, nothing I can do about it”. Did I mention she also asked me if I was pregnant? not once but 3 times? If I had been myself I would have told her that the last time I checked you couldn’t get pregnant if you weren’t have sex. I know it’s been a while but to my knowledge sleeping in a bed, next to a husband snoring in a bed still doesn’t merit being called having sex lol.
Lukas is still off school, tomorrow is the last day of school no school until september yay. So I will be back tomorrow I promise, even if all I manage is some Sweet Shoppe Designs From Our Blog To Yours posts.


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