I think we got up to Sunday night didn’t we?

and I left it just as Nan was being taken up to a ward? So let’s pick up from there the sooner I get last week typed up the sooner I can start telling you about this week lol. So they wanted Nan to stay overnight and keep her arm elevated but Trauma (who were the ones telling her to stay) had no beds available so they decided to send her up to the specialist surgery ward, mostly private rooms complete with en-suite bathrooms. Which i have to admit made Nan slightly less bothered about staying. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it before but Nan had a car accident years ago and was told she would never walk again, well because she’s a stubborn old bat she did but since then she has been unable to sleep in a bed. She has to sleep on a sofa with her back resting against the back and her pillows on the arm. Obviously this makes hospital stays very very difficult. With a little persuasion the nurse went off to find me a stack of blankets (since they don’t have pillows) and I managed to knock up something resembling a suitable alternative. The Ora-Morph by this time was making Nan well for the want of a better term stoned lol. Morphine mixed with her normal medications about 5 hours late is a bit of a loopy combination lol. She kind of alternated between being wide awake and dozing on the bed while I sat up and watched over her to make sure she was ok. That’s when all the fun (note the sarcasm lol) really started. Another nurse came in to take Nan’s vitals a little strange considering no-one had said anything about that downstairs. Then she started arguing with me over Nan’s tablets. I had all of them with me and she stated that it was hospital policy that all tablets were locked away. That sounded fair enough until I reminded her that Nan would be needing her usual Oxycodone 10mg in about 1 hour. She told me that Nan couldn’t have those because the doctor had crossed through them on the prescription sheet. So I argued with her and I argued with her and eventually got her to agree to leave the morning one for Nan and then talk to the doctor. She then took the rest away to lock them up because they were “controlled drugs”. Side note here these painkillers are what Nan takes for her back pain they DO NOT and I am capitalizing that because it’s important (you will see why in a minute) work for anything else, no other pain whatsoever. Gotta leave it there i’ll be back in a bit once I have put Nan to bed.


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