From Our Blog To Yours – Favourite Summer Activities

This is not really an easy question for me to answer, because I don’t like summer very much lol. I don’t like the bright light, I don’t like the humidity, and I really don’t like the heat which means for as much of summer as possible my favourite activity is the same as it is in the winter, sitting at my desk, with all the curtains closed and the fans blowing and working/scrapping/playing on the computer. Now if you were to ask Lukas what his favourite things to do in the summer are, he would tell you the complete opposite. He loves to be outside in the garden or at the park. His favourite thing to do is sit and play in his pop up tent or play on our swingset. He’s also quite fond of the trampoline but his most favourite place of all is sitting in our new gazebo, he loves that its a little wind trap he stays nice and cool and out of the sunshine. I have to admit even I am looking forward to going and sitting in there on the less sunny days. We will probably go to the local swimming pool a few times during the summer holidays, but mostly we will be home raiding the freezer for ice cream and ice lollies and eating picnics in the garden. The only thing I really like about summer is having Lukas all to myself for 6 whole weeks, I adore spending time with his especially when Mark’s at work and it’s just me and him . It’s my idea of summer heaven!


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