Nan’s Birthday Presents.

I ordered Nan’s memory purse when it was on weekend special, she got the large memory purse, a checkbook cover (going to use that to cover a diary/planner thing and the business card holder which is perfect for her bus pass. All that was $25 I think and then the same again for postage and packaging but she’s worth it. Want one? You can grab the bags and other bits here but they aren’t on special price anymore.
So here is the insert to her bag she has same back and front. I designed it from scratch no template (I know *Shock* *Horror* I scrapped alone lol)Credits: Be Divine, Gettin Fancy 04 Commercial Overlays, Gettin Edgey 04 Commercial Overlays, Butterfly from Simply Gorgeous and Background paper from Birthdayz Girl all by Royanna Lea Fritschmann.
Then here’s Nan’s bus pass holder.I cheated for this one because I couldn’t find the tape measure to measure the cover lol.
Credits: Trading Card Templates by Amy Bleser (template #12 altered slightly), Be Divine and BirthdayZ Girl by Royanna Lea Fritschmann.
Then finally I made this Hybrid card to go with it (this is the digital version before I assembled it)
Credits: Snail Mailers by Bree Clarkson (Launch Pads Snail Mailers #5) and Be Divine by Royanna Lea Fritschmann.
I’m not doing enabling now, I might do it tomorrow if I feel like it. I am tired I haven’t slept in nearly three days and I am starting to get ratty.


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