ADSR Challenges 5 and 6

Created for the 5th ADSR Challenge – Journal about something you have learnt.
Credits: July Sampler Layered template by Ashley Olson and Le Femme by Royanna Lea Fritschmann. Font is KGD Lori by Kimberly Geswein.
Journalling reads: How can it be possible to learn the most important lessons in life from the two people that haven’t experienced much of it? They taught me to feel extreme emotions, ranging from the gut wrenching ache of loss to the feeling of loving someone with all your heart and soul.They have showed me what it feels like to laugh until youcry and cry until the tears run dry. Because of them I have learnt that whenever I believe life can’t get any worse, it can and frequently does. But most importantly I have learnt that however bad life gets it will always get better. After everything I have been through with them I know now that there is nothing life can throw at me that can break me. I have the strength to endure whatever life dishes out and remain standing. Life’s not perfect and neither am I but that’s ok. You learn something from every experience, good and bad. It’s the lessons you learn that help you be the best person you can be. The most important lesson my babies have taught me is Life’s too short you have to seize every moment and make it count.

Created for the 6th ADSR Challenge – Roadblock, only one member is to create a layout using 15 elements minimum, cannot use any designer more than twice.Layered template 3b by unknown artist,Number 5 template by An Van Laer Annetje77,My Funky 4th (Funky Playground Collaboration) Background by Traci Murphy,April Frame Freebie by Jan Hosford, Birthday by Tamela Mckean,She Said, He Said by Amy Bleser,Mr Man by Grace Bennett,Love for a stranger hearts by Rachel Young,Glitter Blobs by Heather Green Scrappy Pony, Celebration by Taran Conyers,My Quiet Boy by Faith True (recoloured),Glitter Paint Splats by Christina Renee,A little wrinkled 2 by Amanda Heimann, Denim by Lynnie Smith, Autumn Freestyle by Sara AMarie, Chic Geek by Maya, June Grab Bag by Cyndi Wetmiller Wetfish Designs, It’s all fun and frames by Shannon Lee Designs, Glitter Negatives by Laura Skathi, Corner Art by Jessica Gorny,Forgotten Cove by Eva Kipler,I’ve gotta be me elements by Krista Mettler,Cute as a button by Corina Nielsen,Boyz Addon by Amy Watson,Birthday Grab Bag by Shabby Princess, Glitter Notes by Kari Q,Font is KGD Lori by Kimberly Geswein.

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