ADSR Challenge 3

Created for the 3rd ADSR Challenge – Create a fairytale or storybook layout with the theme of either Once Upon A Time, Three Wishes or If I were King/Queen/Princess/Prince of the world.
Credits: Ribbon and Frame from Precious Angel Memories Blue by Kim Brodelet everything else is by me. Fonts are Vladimir Script and 2 Peas Mademoiselle.
Journalling reads: Once upon a time a beautiful baby boy was born, when his mother gazed upon him she was sure she must be dreaming. This was not a baby she saw before her it was a tiny little angel. She swore to hide her thoughts and keep it a secret, she was scared that one day the angels would notice he was missing, if they did they would surely claim him back. As time went on she hid her secret well, everyone believed that he was nothing more than a beautiful baby boy, with a family that adored him with their heart and soul. One day the little angel became sick and the mother felt helpless, she knew that it was not within her power to save the angel. She decided that it was time for her to return him to where he belonged. She released him from the body that was causing him so much pain and allowed his soul to return to heaven. For days and months following the angel’s return to heaven she was so very very sad. Even though she knew it was impossible she wished with all her heart that he could be returned to her. One day she stumbled across something called scrapbooking and realised she could write to the angel and let him know how much she was missing him. As the words flowed from her heart the hurt she had felt was replaced by a feeling of peace. She knew that he was listening and would always be watching over her.

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