Some more layouts of the beautiful Zoey

Credits:Mother’s Love Collection by Amanda Rockwell, Layered template 2 by Renae Nicholson and Floral Stamp Alpha Brushes by Eve Recinella, Font is Pea Superamy
Credits:Holiday Chic, Love, Mom, Laundry Labels Girls Addition, Spring Fever, Amy’s Texas Princess and Simply Sweet all by Traci Reed. Layered template 3 by Renae Nicholson. Fonts are Pea Beth R andTafelschrift

Credits: Bella by Retrodiva, Floral Stamp Alpha Brushes by Eve Recinella, Sponge Stamp Alpha Brushes by Toni Berman. Font is Pea Beth R.
I have a little man home from school today, he had a bad night last night lots of crying. The kid is covered in bruises and has a really really nasty one on his thigh. Last night he said he fell over, but I still told him that if anyone’s hitting him he needs to tell his teacher if the little monster hits him after that to wallop them one back! As someone who spent the whole of her school life being bullied I really wish I had hit back once and then maybe I wouldn’t have been so miserable when I was at school. Nan has always had the opinion that hitting back is sometimes the only solution that gets across that you want to be left alone. I took pictures of his legs so if he comes home with a lot more bruises I have something to show the teacher. Kids get hurt but even with my klutzy genetics he shouldn’t be getting hurt that badly that often. Right off to scrap something then we have to go food shopping *sigh* I hate shopping unless its online lol


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