Sometimes good things happen

when you are doing something you don’t want to be doing. Like for instance how when I was cleaning up after Lukas threw up earlier and I noticed this magic sentence That means nothing to you unless you know that the circus we went to the other night was this one
so are you making the connection yet? Website means pictures, pictures and text mean I have something to scrap and just incase you aren’t quite getting where I am going yet, it means I now have a way to record Lukas’s first trip to the circus!!! Yay!! I also have something else to chatter away about before I get to the dull stuff like Lukas being poorly again. Its now officially April 1st here and that means I can display my new desktop do you want to see it?
Credits: POSH: Princess of Spring,POSH: Elements Pack and Bunni Boo by Royanna Lea Fritschmann and Cheat Sheets Desktop 1024×768 by Victoria Feemster. Just incase you were wondering the vibrant pink area that’s Lukas’s half term holiday, wow two whole weeks without having to get up early, no having to rush around the house looking for a pair of socks or a clean school polo shirt, no having to go through the fridge trying to find stuff to put in his lunchbox that’s not pepperamis, ham sandwiches, chicken crisps, kit kats and fruit of some description, I can sum up all of those things in two little words absolute bliss!!
Now what was it I wanted to chatter about, I can’t remember lol.
I could show you pictures of the Easter Bonnet Parade, but I think I will leave that until tomorrow and hopefully blogger wont be such a pain, it really doesn’t seem to want me to post pictures tonight. I also have some new layouts to show you.Nan’s off on holiday on Monday, nearly a whole week without her. It’s going to be very strange. But I have plans for while she is away, stuff that we can’t do when she’s around like wash the dishes once a day and cook real food, in something other than the microwave. Mmmm spaghetti and chilli and i’m making myself hungry lol. Mark’s at work, Lukas is asleep he’s really poorly again bless him, he has a fever and a nasty cough and he’s been sick a few times. Which is wonderful for me (insert sarcasm here lol) I can’t do sick, it makes me heave. I normally rely on Mark to clean it up it’s always been our thing he does that I do the other gross stuff like giving medicines (when giving Lukas a spoonful of medicine the instructions really should say wear rain gear and cover walls in plastic. It’s bizarre that one 5ml spoonful can go so far around the room, cover my entire desk and me and still look like a full spoon full.) , sorting out Lukas’s ear infections etc. I had to do it earlier though and I will admit I have done half a job, I did clean it off the bedding and scrub everything but I haven’t got around to putting on clean bedding. Im off now, its almost 2:30am I might try and get some sleep, if I can’t and blogger wants to behave I will be back with pictures.


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