Suppose you have to start somewhere

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of chaos that is me.
I am going to start by telling you a little about the person writing this blog.
My name is Crystal Louise Blake.
I am 21 years old, my birthday is 30th December 1984.
I have a three year old son called Lukas and a partner called Mark.
I used to have another little boy called Leo who we sadly lost on November 28th 2004. He was three months old.
I had a miscarriage on 17th February 2003, we called the baby Gaiebraille.
I work as admin on a digiscrapping site called dedicated2Digital, want to check it out?
I am also in a great scrapping team at the whole idea being we earn points for making layouts while being part of a team. This way you can motivate each other or as we prefer chat endlessly. As you can tell after my family Digiscrapping is my great love.

I have 6 brothers and 2 sisters all younger than me.
Gavin is 20 on April 14th, Darren is 19 on April 10th.
Callum will be 11 on August 15th and Jade and Kyle will be 10 on August 20th
Keisha will be 6 on 17th March.
My brother Aidan has cerebal palsy and will be 4 on August 9th
and then we have the baby of the family literally, Baby Daniel born on October 10th 2005.

When I first read about Blogs, I have to admit I was horrified by the idea.
It seeemed to me that it was like reading my diary to millions of people.
But when I started scrapping, it was to release the way I felt about Leo.
The weight of all of the feelings were crushing my heart, I was feeling nothing but pain and sorrow. There was no room for any nice feelings.
So I took the plunge and I shared my pain. The more layouts I made the less the pain was.
As I made friends and learnt new skills I had other things to think about.
The turning point came when I made a collection of layouts using a kit called Inner Storm by d2D-dedicated2Digital. I decided that if I could share a piece of my soul with my poems about Leo, then why couldn’t I share the good stuff as well.
The Inane things Lukas does every day the weird bizarre things that bring a smile to my face.
Somewhere to moan about clothes shopping and talk about my new boots.

And so this was born.
Sometimes the posts will be happy, other times they will be sad, sometimes I might share my layouts or even poems.


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